Fountain stone

The unique creative designs of NVA stone fountains bring your garden to life with the relaxing, stress-relieving sound of splashing water with their creative unique designs! The play of water and light over the exquisite look of carved granite adds immeasurable beauty to your garden.

Choose from among NVA’s contemporary or traditional unique designs and variety of sizes for the perfect garden water fountain that suits your taste and the feel of your yard.

Granite is the perfect material for a stone garden fountain, combining durability, weather and stain resistance and natural beauty.


Popular for large and small gardens, outdoor water features have been used in gardens for centuries.

  • Fountains attract birds, bringing birds into your outdoor living space. Birds improve gardens and yard by eating insects and pollinating flowers.
  • Fountains improve the value of your home.
  • The sound of flowing water blocks background noise like traffic.
  • The calming effect of falling water has been scientifically proven to increase levels of serotonin in the body, resulting in a better mood and an energized feeling.


Most NVA Fountain designs can be customized with affordable lighting features. These cost-effective LED Lights create a night-time focal point for your garden.


NVA’s all-inclusive pump and reservoir systems make fountain installation simple and problem-free. NVA systems require very little maintenance.  Watch a video of the installation here.


NVA low-cost security features ensure the stability of free-standing larger pieces and help avoid accidents.

Fountain Sphere

Fountain Sphere

$65.00   $52.00
Fountain stone Acacia

Fountain stone Acacia

$179.00   $143.20
Fountain Stone Acer

Fountain stone Acer

$299.00   $239.20
Fountain Stone Cedrus

Fountain stone Cedrus

$179.00   $143.20
Fountain Stone Cobra, Pink

Fountain stone Cobra

$329.00   $263.20
Fountain Stone Hebe

Fountain stone Hebe

$379.00   $303.20
Fountain Stone Iris, Grey

Fountain stone Iris

$219.00   $175.20
Fountain Stone Ledum

Fountain stone Ledum

$349.00   $279.20
Fountain Stone Magnolia

Fountain stone Magnolia

$399.00   $319.20
Fountain Stone Nandina, Grey

Fountain stone Nandina

$299.00   $239.20
Fountain Stone Pilea

Fountain stone Pilea

$109.00   $87.20
Fountain Stone Pyrola, Grey

Fountain stone Pyrola

$439.00   $351.20